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Daria Martinoni: Moments in Time




dal 20 ottobre al 28 novembre  2020

inaugurazione: 20 ottobre

MyMicroGallery is pleased to announce “Moments in Time” a solo show by Swiss photographer Daria Martinoni who is exhibiting in Milan for the first time. The exhibition is part of the Milano Photofestival event which this year has reached its fifteenth edition. The urban landscape is the place where Daria Martinoni draws most inspiration, but her research sinks and also seeks other places and moments in time, where she can linger and grasp the moment in which the subject becomes a catalyst of feelings, of expectations, of thoughts all played between presence and absence.

The geometric shapes of the urban environment are translated into pulsating planes revealing a spatial dynamism taken to the extreme, up to the threshold of abstraction. Through the reproduction and reiteration of the image, Daria Martinoni reorganizes the spatial elements in multiple layers, offering new hypotheses of interpretation. The spaces thus created, as well as the people and objects that move inside them, are used to question our perception and vision of the world through the reinterpretation of reality.

In her work, research on female divers stands out: a very rigorous formal investigation in which the accent is placed on the suspension of the bodies, framed as a fragment in the space that separates the diving board from the water. A scene with different times and places therefore, but with a common intent: to make us look up, that look perhaps always too absorbed on the screen of a smartphone.
Giving a face to absence and silence, this is what Daria Martinoni wants to express with her photographic research, a research that is the result of a desire to investigate reality with always curious eyes. Daria Martinoni lives and works in Zurich. He holds a degree in science and geography from the University of Zurich. He holds a master’s in geography and a doctorate in natural sciences. As a geographer, she uses photography to playfully de-construct urban spaces, to spatially re-enact urban contexts and to play with our perception of space and reality.

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